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While you could do Makeb with the tionese stuff I would do the Black Hole and Section X Dailies, and maybe even throw in the Ilum dailies to get classic comms and bump him up to campaign gear. You can do the regular FP instead of the HM flashpoints as they drop the same gear only difference is 1 classic comm per drop as compared to 2. But even the lvl 50 HM flashpoints are doable in tionese gear as a dps.

Make sure you get stuff based with cunning, and check out the The Walking Carpets website for their guide for the sharpshooter Gunslinger if you are going far left tree on your sniper. They are the same thing for your sniper just different names. But it will give you an idea of how much power, crit and surge you want as well as good rotation to use.

With Ilum and Black Hole dailies you only get classic comms unless you do the weekly Black Hole but with Section X you also get Basic comms which will be the next level of gear after the campaign stuff.

Or if you have enough credits you could just buy the basic level gear mods armor and enhancements. (Anything with a 28 after it) They are pretty cheap on the gtn, at least on the Shadowlands server they are. If you have a good cybertech person you could even make the armor and mods yourself but I found almost just as easy and cheaper to buy the stuff.

Edit. On a side note. If you do try Makeb right from the get go, You could get some good blue gear from armor to earpieces and implants. Makeb does have some really decent drops but also has drop for like lvl 47 to 49 for some reason. If you do the droid seeker missions you could get somre green 28 gear. But by the time you can get the droid seeker missions you should already be better geared from other drops.

Personally I went the daily plus some FP's route with my Sentinel and reached lvl 55 and got better gear before even starting Makeb. Even did some warzones with her and got some pvp relics and implants for her.

Edit again: Another thing to consider is if you have a lot of planetary comms you can go to the makeb vendor on fleet and buy rakata mods and armor and enhancements which is pretty much between tionese and campaign gear. I think it is basically rakata stuff. Gives you a little more to work with.

I basically tho used those to gear out my comp starting out. I used the healer Dr. Lokin and then gave him my old stuff as I upgraded since both use cunning.

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