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Originally Posted by glovemaster View Post
Of course Q, we are definitely in need of a catch up and also I found the old sources for our Galaxy Map fix and I think if there's anything that we need to finish, it is this because we were really onto something here it just needs a looking over. Also I believe Bioware owe us loads of money for stealing the idea for Mass Effect haha :')
Yeah, Aqualaris still needs to get finished
It just needs lightmaps now, everything does x-D

Originally Posted by Canderis View Post
I'm kinda curious about what the idea of yours is GM.
The idea was to make the big holo-table, at the center of the Ebon-Hawk, into a galaxy map. As the Galaxy map in the cockpit could only have 1 extra planet or such...

GM wanted a ingame tool of sorts, so modders could easely at TONS of new planets, making a new galaxy map interface thingy. I was working on some small models which would look like holograms to sell the whole thing

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