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Originally Posted by Quanon View Post
Yeah, Aqualaris still needs to get finished
It just needs lightmaps now, everything does x-D

The idea was to make the big holo-table, at the center of the Ebon-Hawk, into a galaxy map. As the Galaxy map in the cockpit could only have 1 extra planet or such...

GM wanted a ingame tool of sorts, so modders could easely at TONS of new planets, making a new galaxy map interface thingy. I was working on some small models which would look like holograms to sell the whole thing
Ah did the lightmap problem get solved then? I also remember the camera collision problem, I'd hope by now that's also fixed?

Yeah the galaxy map idea was to expand the map into a projection with selectable planets; like the galaxy map but 3D and with essentially unlimited extra slots for modders to contribute - it was pretty much finished but it needs revisiting and fixing, I know how to go about it but I remember Q said there was a bug to do with the 003ebo enter script injection since I couldn't decompile the original. Buzz me on Facebook next week Q as I've got a load of free time

If you're looking for any of the junk I did a few years ago; you can probably still find it all on filefront
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