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Originally Posted by Sith Holocron View Post
Q, with the size of the module you've been showing off lately, I do have to wonder - should we expect some amount of lag once it is in game? Even since I've played those M4-78 modules, map size and lag has been on my mind.

That being said, I like what I see.
Fear not, it might look HUGE and high, but it's not that oversized. It takes less then 3minutes to go from one far edge to the other. My Narshaddaa street areas are bigger and more cluttered. And so far I didn't have any sort of lag issues.

Originally Posted by glovemaster View Post
Yeah I was looking for the old screenshots but I've got some cool ideas to improve on the old one

If you build the module correctly in rooms and you spend time writing the module layout then you shouldn't get lag - we did experience lag problems in the past but I did solve it by making only visible rooms render
Aqualaris was rather heavy with all the emitters going off. Those little things can really drag framerates down. But, yes, planning your lay-out and how you'll do the .lyt and .vis file can help a great deal.

Originally Posted by glovemaster View Post
Ah did the lightmap problem get solved then? I also remember the camera collision problem, I'd hope by now that's also fixed?
Alas; cameras keep being pesky as hell. MagnusII never found out what caused it.

Originally Posted by glovemaster View Post
Yeah the galaxy map idea... ...Buzz me on Facebook next week Q as I've got a load of free time
I'll do that, I've got some free time aswell

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