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Originally Posted by Rogue15 View Post
i never have to load it, swtor has its own launcher i guess? edit: ok i found origin, and it says update/install. so looks like i never really HAD to use it with swtor, maybe ORIGINally to get the swtor launcher, but i dont see the big deal. everyones getting all butthurt over it like when steam first came out and people were boohooing over half life 2 requiring it.
Yes, well, if TOR actually required Origin to run (like with ME3), then it's likely you'd be saying differently.

TOR is an MMO. There will likely not be any Star Wars MMO released the foreseeable future; any Star Wars games that gets made will be conventional SP/MP ones. EA has a policy of requiring Origin for every standard EA game since Battlefield 3. So I suppose everyone will have a taste (or rather, daily meal) of Origin soon enough.

That said though, in my opinion, Origin has improved since its earlier releases. Its a little more stable, and a bit easier to use. However, the dreaded connection issues are bad as ever. And that's where most of our frustrations lie (that, and having to install/run yet another DRM client to run our games, on top of Steam, GFWL, and Uplay ).

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