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Originally Posted by Fallen Guardian View Post
So I've been attempting to use the DisplayMessageBox function in KotOR 2, yet once I click okay on the message box that pops up the menu doesn't return. I can't move and none of the buttons work. Is this just because Obsidian never actually made this a working function?
Hello all! I have been away too long, and I am so happy to find most of you still right here, plugging away!

I am not familiar with this function, but I would say that if you can find it in Kotor2's nwscript.nss, then it should work the same way. If it is not in there, you know that is the issue.

Should be simple to "fix" but it would require you shipping your "new" version of the nwscript.nss be shipped with your mod, and then of course there would be the problem of making sure everything is getting compiled with the new version. Maybe not such a simple fix.

Perhaps easier is to make a new function that works the same way, and use that. Do you have the source for the DisplayMessageBox function code?

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