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Modded Savegames?


I have a question regarding the copy/pasting of modded saves. I recently started a new playthrough of Kotor and for the first time I installed a few mods. It worked well so far only that it recently turned out I have to leave my house for a couple of weeks due to work. I am already at the third planet and tbh I cant be bothered to start over again on my laptop.
Usually I would just install the game on my laptop and then copy the saves from one hard disk to the other.

But I am not sure if that works with a modded version of the game and ofc modded saves just like that? I play the game via steam and if I install it on my laptop now the override folder as well as my other mods are not there obviously.

If I want to keep playing with those saves what do I have to do? Install every mod I have on the Laptop as well? Is it enough to just use the save game as it is? I am asking this question because I also installed the K1 Force package at first. I wasnt really impressed with it mid game, so after making a back up, I just deleted the folder from my override folder. Turns out that it does not have any effect on the save game. I still run around with those new forces in my list and they all work properly.

Can anyone explain me the best way to proceed, so I can keep playing with my currently modded game.

Mods are:

Solomon's revenge
Bastila love scene
k1 force package
Revan armor (No tk installer just copied files)

Thanks in advance
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