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Voleran unleashed a stream of lightning from his left hand as he came at Zarev with his lightsaber ignited in the right hand. He launched the lightsaber at Zarev as he unleashed the stream of lightning, forcing Zarev to roll to the left as he force pushed Voleran back only to have Voleran capture the blast of energy and manage to redirect it away from him.

"Nice trick." Zarev muttered as he watched Voleran's lightsaber return to the hand. "You may have once been been a Jedi Master but i've learned a few things myself."

Zarev force jumped at him and in mid-jump he summoned a large amount of debris and threw it at Voleran who was barely able to dodge it and was left open to an attack by Zarev's lightsaber which he was barely able to parry.

The two of them continued attacking each other, dodging and parrying each other's attacks without hitting each other. At this stage of the battle, the two of them were testing each other's strength, looking for weaknesses.

Voleran smiled. "Perhaps when I kill you...I'll take your friend Per'dra to my master and have her become the Herald to the Sith Empire."

Zarev's rage could be felt through the force as he jumped over Voleran's blade. "Per'dra will never turn! I'll die before I let you get to her!"

"You are correct. You will die." Voleran said calmly.

Taris Spaceport

Vlalkor watched as the Rakghouls got closer and he pulled a concussion grenade off his belt and launched it at the far left Rakghoul and then launched a series of blaster bolts at it. He managed to hit one of it's legs and then once it staggered towards him he shot it through the head.
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