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Per'dra was fighting her own battle against the vicious rakghouls, one of which had leapt toward her in a ferocious attack. Fortunately, she was ready, and the slobbering, snarling creature soon found itself cleft in half by her silver blades. Do they have enough intelligence to know when to retreat? Most likely not, because they've been driven mad by their disease. From what she'd learned, rakghouls had once been aliens and humans much like herself, who had turned on their friends and neighbors once infected. Another of them sprang forward.

"Per'dra will never turn! I'll die before I let you get to her!" This thought jolted through her mind and made her heart race. Without consciously knowing what she was doing, she sped away from the rakghouls and let the Force guide her. Zarev wouldn't stand a chance against Voleran unless he had help...
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