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Vlalkor watched the sole remaining Rakghoul ran at them and saw promptly impaled on Avriela's lightsaber as she jumped behind the slobbering creature and impaled it. Avriela promptly withdrew the blade of energy from it, twirled the blade and deactivated it.

"Looks like that's the last of them." She said as she looked around and failed to see any more Rakghouls. "Now. We need to decide what to do." She said as she suddenly gripped her head as a deep voice boomed through the minds of each member of the group.

It seems that you have proved me wrong on several occasions. The voice of Voleran echoed. You have continued to defy the wishes of my Master and have slain his Herald to the Sith Empire. For this, your lives are now mine. I will continue to send my Rakghouls against the Republic forces on this world until they fall to my Master and become extensions of his will. Your friend who managed to defy my Master on Balmorra will be the first to die.

Ruined City

As Zarev jumped at Voleran again the former Jedi master managed to catch him in mid-leap and slammed him repeatedly against a ruined wall that caused pieces of rock to fall down among the two combatants. Zarev barely managed to grip the rocks and sent them flying at Voleran who was forced to drop him to dodge the attack.

"You are skilled." Voleran commented as he unleashed a stream of lightning at Zarev who was barely able to catch it on his lightsaber. Zarev smiled as he pointed above Voleran and Voleran slowly looked up and saw a cascade of rocks come down as Zarev brought his fist down in a slashing motion.

"I've learned a few things." Zarev commented back as Voleran barely managed to dodge the rocks. The former Jedi launched himself at Zarev with his lightsaber pointed directly at his chest.
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