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I was going to make a new thread looking for a solution to this problem, but I figured thatI'd better add my problem to this thread as I appear to be having the exact same problem as Rocks In My Dryer.

Every time I try to enter East Central Ahto City on Manaan, I'm thrown back into a frozen version of the loading screen where the cursor doesn't move despite the animations all playing normally. The loading screen doesn't appear at all. I've tried playing to this point from a few different saves, but I always get the same glitch in the same spot. I'm running the Steam version of the game, and I've followed all of the Steam-appropriate fixes from this thread:

The game had been working perfectly fine in windowed mode before this happened; and although I have quite a few mods installed, none of them should be affecting this area in particular.

Since this is a gamebreaking glitch, I'd appreciate if anyone had any ideas on how to fix/get around the issue. Thanks.
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