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Everything is damn wrong this year. We were in field almost 700 km north from my hometown, helping landscape service to provide mapping from drone. It's engine malfunctioned because of unknown reason, so operator aimed it right on us to recover the drone after it's landing. Damn, he aimed it exactly right on us, so this 100 kg chunk crashed right into our vehicle, breaking shoulder and two ribs of my assistant. Hell if i know why, but he attempted to catch this thing flying down on 60 km/h speed. But real madness started a little later when one local from village, who was there with us to support with navigation, took his ax and started to hit the drone. I was aside of there at the moment, establishing optical mark, so i couldn't to interrupt immediately. When i asked those always drunken guy why did he hits the drone, then he said that he thought "that it was enemy drone". My assistant, who had hard pain, laughs as crazy.

Sometimes i think that i live in damn large crazy house. Such of things possible only in Russia.

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