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Kyo heard the question but at first didn't pay it any mind. His thoughts were already in Ryuu-Tokai, to the list of things he needed to accomplish once he arrived there. There was the obvious thing, his whole reason for going, but a haircut would be necessary and a new batch of food. Depending on how long he had to stay, he would have to get a room at an inn for several nights. And the small pot he used for cooking was getting old; maybe if there was money left over he could buy...

It occurred to him during this thought that no voice had answered the voice that asked the question beside him, and he suddenly became much more self-aware. That voice had been beside him. Had she...was she speaking to him?

He turned his head and discovered the brown-haired girl from the inn walking beside him with a well-stocked pony plodding beside her. Her eyes, genial and politely inquisitive, were indeed focused on him. The gaze he returned was one of mild surprise flavored with a drop of non-comprehension. Of all the people who could have addressed him, the young girl with her long braid and affected warrior's walk was the last person he expected.

And she'd called him lord.

"Just to Ryuu-Tokai," he responded politely, his gaze moving forward again. At first he had had no intention of continuing the conversation, but...she seemed harmless enough. Just a merchant girl with kind eyes on the road with her pack pony. And it had been some time since he'd had simple, pleasant conversation. So, not wishing to be rude, he returned his green eyes first to the bulging pack on the pony's back, then to the girl's face. "Will you be attending the Market Festival?"

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