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Originally Posted by K_Kinnison View Post
Remind me of the "Morale Check" joke

Army Morale check: It sucks over there!
Navy Morale check: It sucks on shore!
Air Force Morale check: It sucks down there!
Marine Morale check: i like it here
Navy Vs Army check: Oh hey, we got more ppl than you guys
Navy vs Air Force check: Oh hey, we got more planes then you guys
Navy vs Marine check: Oh hey, you're in the same department as us, so we own you guys
[edi2] (I forgot about these guys)
Navy vs Coast guard check: Brown water navy? Meh, in a declaration of War, you get absorbed into us anyway.



oh yeah guys, I'm working. late nights, etc etc.

ask r15 how it feels to work at wally-land D:
yeah, i'm working lawn and garden, actually with a bunch of good guys too, they're fun
I dont think I've mentioned this, a bunch of the other guys from the temp service that I was working with got hired too.
one of em got hired as a cashier, another a cart pusher, and the last one that shares my first name is working assembly

speaking of which, that guy (who's assembler now) introduced me to his wife about a month and a half ago
I took the chance to be 'naughty' and said "SO, I hear you call out my name at night"

yeah, they both took a moment, but then got it (same first name deal joke )
it ended well

at anyrate, me and my assembly buddy have been talking about hanging out outside of work, and came up with a couple of ideas
one of em was to catch a Roch redwings game, and I've been thinking about seeing if that could happen, if I could invite SXW, Crackles, RFH and our bud 'The Biggis' A.K.A. 'G'low' (don't think I've introduced him to crackles yet)

either or, I'd definitely would like an outing with 'da boys', even if Jango's out in Iowa :/

I seriously have friends that I can count on one hand that I'll stop what I'm doing that day to help out if they ask me. Jango, SXW, Crackles, RFH and G'low

*sigh* we don't hang out as much anymore :/

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