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Rakghouls, such dreadful creatures. Maybe if these beasts had a bit more intelligence they'd be almost considered useful. Instead they served as nothing more than fodder to this group. One by one they fell, each more useless than the last The cloaked figure watched this, shaking his head slightly. This group was currently in his way, which meant he'd have the pleasure of dealing with them. The figure watched as one of them suddenly started to sprint away from the group. A smirk appeared on his masked face, shaking his head once more as they made this way too easy for him. The others were finishing off the last of the Rakghoul with another jedi stabbing the last one.

The figure tilted his head to the right as he observed the second jedi. The face of was familiar. The smirk turned into a smile as he watched his secondary objective turn to look at the other members of the group. He would deal with her after he dealt with this other jedi. His armored fingers tapped on a rock lightly as he turned his head back towards the fleeing jedi. Where was she running to exactly? To be honest he didn't care as the thought briefly entered his mind. What concerned him more was how good of an entrance could he make. He was certain that more Rakghoul would show up soon, so he wouldn't have to worry about the group for some time.

It would be quite rude though is he didn't at least show his masked face to these "guests" of his. The terrain he stood on had done its job of hiding him for long enough now. He turned his head left and right slightly to crack his neck before making his way towards the edge. He turned and leaped down towards the ground below him, doing a few flips as he neared the targeted area. His feet hit the ground as his body was in a crouched position. His right hand was curled up into a fist as it too touched the ground. Slowly he stood up turning to look directly at Avriela.

He gazed at her for several seconds, but if felt like a much longer period of time. Everything about his appearance screamed sith warrior, even if his sabers were not out yet. The black robes, and the armor that accompanied them just weren't jedi material. The one thing that differentiated him from a normal looking sith warrior was his mask. A small red visor went across his mask giving it a slightly eerie glow when his hood was up. He broke his masked gaze from Avriela for only a few moments to look to the others in the group. Soon his head turned back to stare at the former sith.

"You're next," came his slightly distorted voice due to the mask.

He wasn't here to fight all of them just yet. Oh no, their time would come soon after he killed the lone jedi. He had picked her first simply because she was away from the group and he could fight her one on one. Had he tried to get Avriela first the others would more than likely come to her aid. That in itself was surprising. Were they not aware of her former alliance to the Sith Empire? He certainly hoped not as he would get the privilege of telling her little "friends" just who she was. Such joy it would bring him to watch the look of horror on her face. That would wait until he had killed the first jedi though. He brought two fingers towards his forehead and gave Avriela a mock salute before turning around and sprinting towards Per'dra. As he ran he concentrated on the force, wanting to get some extra speed to catch up to her. He wouldn't be denied his fight, and he was looking forward to every second of that.
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