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Zarev, where are you? If I don't die, I'll help you take down Voleran -ah-! The incensed Jedi turned on her heel and saw the Sith warrior sprinting toward her. Without hesitating even for a moment, Per'dra threw her saberstaff toward him, aiming to slice off his head. The silver blades flashed, missed their mark, and then returned to her nearly faster than her reflexes could allow. Kriff! I'll get this piece of scum out of the way and then I'm coming to help you, love.

According to the Jedi Code, those such as she were to know no anger, nor fear, nor hatred, nor love. However, Per'dra had chosen to forsake all of her former allegiance to that abstract set of principles. Someone's life was at stake, and not just any someone. She was prepared to sacrifice her own life for any other member of this mission squad, even Corsail, but especially Zarev. "After I win this battle," she hissed through clenched teeth, "I'll win against your Master."
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