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The sith warrior kept on course with his jedi target, the urge to fight growing with each step he took. He couldn't wait to clash sabers with her, to look at her facial expressions as they fought. He wanted to see if she'd be a worthy challenge, or nothing more than another dull kill. The jedi turned, and he guessed this was the part where she would turn around to face him. A silver blur dashed towards him at incredible speeds, forcing the sith warrior to duck and slide. The warrior listened as the blur came back, this time making him roll to the right. The jedi had not only initiated the first move, but halted his advance at the same time.

The sith got to a standing position as the jedi woman now turned to face him. Maybe she wasn't as cowardly as he thought. He gazed into her eyes, seeing not a keeper of peace but fierce determination. Not only that but he definitely anger and frustration in her eyes as well. He could hear that in the way she spoke to him. This only caused him to tilt his head as he eyed her up. On the outside he looked completely calm, but inside there was some concern along with excitement.

"Such hostile words for such a pretty face," came his reply.

Despite the woman's anger, she was indeed attractive. The flirtation on his end wasn't genuine though, more to infuriate her further. His hand casually moved towards his belt, pulling out a single lightsaber from it. He activated the blade as he watched the jedi woman. He was going to play off her anger and give himself a good fight from it.

"Don't worry, I'll make your death quick and painless" he said before lunging towards the jedi, swinging his blade diagonally at her.
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