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"You're next,"

Avriala narrowed his eyes and a wave of rage flowed through her as she watched as the sith warrior ran after Per'dra.

"Velox." She snarled as she began running after him. I heard rumors that they may have sent a full fledged Darth after me but why did it have to be him?

She had seen Velox once before at the academy. Only once but he had nearly scared the life out of her with the display of power she had seen from him.

I am no longer sith. If that means that I'm going to die defending a former enemy than so be it.

Avriela continued running until she managed to run past the ground and then force jumped up onto a small piece of ruined building and watched for only a moment as Per'dra and Velox fought.

"Don't worry, I'll make your death quick and painless"

She ignited her double bladed lightsaber and landed a bit out of range of the fight.

"I'm afraid that yours won't be." She said as she launched herself at the sith and went right for his legs as she attacked fast and low with a sweeping slash.

"Per'dra." She said as she began her attack. "Go on. Go find Zarev and help him. Don't worry, I can handle this."


"To me! We have a new foe to face!"

Vlalkor grabbed his rifle as he ran alongside Light and the others. "Just when I thought we were in the clear, another sith shows up. I saw the way he looked at Avriela. Friend of hers you think?"

Ruined city

Kriff! I'll get this piece of scum out of the way and then I'm coming to help you, love.

Zarev was distracted for a moment. Just a moment but that was enough for Voleran to hit him with a powerful force push that sent him flying backward. He was barely able to dodge the lightsaber attack and ended up staggering to his feet as Voleran unleashed a massive blast of lighting that he was barely able to catch on his lightsaber blade.

Per'dra...she must have run into trouble. He thought as he attempted to close the gap between Voleran and himself only to find that Voleran couldn't push the lightning towards him and he couldn't push the lightning back.

"Do you really think you can win?!" He shouted over the sounds of the lightning. "I can hold out longer than you can Master Voleran. Eventually you will lose your concentration and then I'll be free to finsh you off."

"Perhaps!" Voleran shouted back. "But eventually this will be too much for you to bear. Your defenses will fall and I will end your interference in my Master's plans."
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