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BCC: A Girl, a Genius, and a Golem

(Note: Two character slots are to be filled, while I roleplay 'The Girl'.)

A monstrous being, made of stone, will lie ten years asleep.
Then it shall be revived, with my immortal soul to keep.
I am not long for this body, but while it rots in a grave,
I still have hope, for awakened shall become my slave.
When a pure soul, a lithe young fool, my golem she shall find,
My glorious resurrection shall not be far behind... ~ Ostren's Curse

A girl will find it.
A genius will study it.
A golem will see the meaning of its life: to rescue its master from death.

Will our three adventurers discover the true purpose of the golem, and thwart it, before it resurrects its creator? The cruel and power-mad sorcerer Ostren awaits his return from the grave, which can only happen if his golem digs him up and inhales the Breath of Life into his worm-eaten lungs...

[So, I'll need two character sheets: one for the golem and one for the genius. The Forgotten Realms/D and D rules apply, so here's my character sheet...]

NAME: Vaclava
GENDER: Female
AGE: 16
RACE: Human
EQUIPMENT: Adventurer's Outfit, Longsword, Potion Belt, Flute and Drum
SPECIAL ABILITIES: Can communicate with Golem telepathically as the one who awakened it from its decade-long "slumber" in the ruins of an old lab.
WEAKNESSES: Although she inspires others in combat, she's rather poor at it.
BACKSTORY: As the only bard in a sedate farm village, Vaclava seeks adventure, especially within the ruins of an old laboratory rumored to be haunted. However, the only thing she found there was a pile of stones and two jars of pure air...
APPEARANCE: Jennifer Lawrence-like, albeit with red hair.

(Note: Golem doesn't know what its purpose is when it first wakes up.)
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