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"Avriela...You still look as lovely as ever,"

Avriala smiled as she dropped into a defensive stance as Velox dropped to his feet as the whirlwind subsided. She would have to push her physical and mental limits to the edge if she wanted to stop Velox. To be honest, she doubted that she could stop him. But if it was her destiny to die helping them stop Voleran than so be it.

"Velox." She said quietly. "You look a bit...different. Did you do something with your hair?" She asked sarcasticly.

"You know there's no hard feelings, right? I'm just doing what I have to do. If you want to throw your life away to save that jedi, then so be it."

"I'm not throwing my life away for a Jedi. I'm throwing it away for a friend. A friend who won't try to backstab me and kill me."

She shook her head. "If you only knew what was happening...I have a feeling you would have done everything in your power to stop what is to come."

Ruined city

Voleran sensed the attack coming and was forced to break off his attack on Zarev as he was forced to roll to the side as the attack came. He got back to his feet and began to gather lightning in his other hand as he held his lightsaber in a one handed defensive stance with the other.

"Ahhh...I may not be a Jedi Master anymore but I remember this one. Per'dra...At one point I actually thought of taking you as my Padawan but I decided on another.

He saw the look of joy on Zarev's face as Per'dra appeared and a dark smile appeared on his face. "So...this is the other half of the pair that decided to break the Rules of the Jedi. Tsk."

Zarev looked over at Per'dra and smiled so widely he thought he was going to hurt his jaw.

"You have no idea how happy I am to see you right now!"
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