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Velox watched as she too took a defensive stance. Though it would go unnoticed, he raised an eyebrow as she spoke to him. Had she really called that jedi her friend? Was she trying to imply the last part was directed at him? He wasn't entirely certain on that part, but why would he care anyway? It seemed he would have to make the first move. He lunged forward with his saber, locking it up against her own blade.

"Friend? You mean the coward you left you here alone? Some friend," he said.

He loved the sound the sabers made when they clashed up like that. The intensity that came with it added to that effect. While she wasn't his main target, at least he was getting a fight he wanted. Still something bugged him about this. What exactly was she talking about? Did she think she knew him to make a statement like that? That he would act a certain way in a given situation?

"What are you talking about, and what makes you so sure of that?" Velox asked, keeping his calm yet arrogant composure about him.
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