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Velox couldn't help but laugh as she spoke to him. It seemed almost childish, the first response she gave him. A willingness to die for someone else? The very concept was incredibly outrageous to him. He was way too skilled to die in combat, let alone willingly do such a thing. Now she was beginning to talk about some sort of force that was giving her little group trouble. Was he really going to believe that those words were true?

"As much as I'd enjoy fighting this thing, I'm pretty sure you're just trying to save your skin here. Sadly though, that's not gonna happen" Velox answered. "Unless I see this with my very own eyes, I'm not gonna be changing my opinion."

He broke off the clash once he heard someone else speak. It seemed another one of these people was a jedi as well. He nearly spat as Avriela offered to let him join in on their fight. That simply was not going to happen on Velox's watch. Velox believed strongly in a one on one fight. While Velox was a highly skilled duelist, this was not the reason behind his belief. The sith maurder did have a good amount of honor to him. This was also a weakness to him, as this meant he would be allowing

"No, this is a fight between two sith warriors" Velox said as he looked to the jedi. He did not think to correct himself on stating Avriela as a former sith, nor did he plan to. Perhaps this was simply due to not caring, or that he did view her as a warrior still. "He joins, and I will hunt down your friend Per'dra. Don't think for a second that I won't kill her. I felt her anger, Avriela. I can play her with absolute ease."
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