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"As much as I'd enjoy fighting this thing, I'm pretty sure you're just trying to save your skin here. Sadly though, that's not gonna happen Unless I see this with my very own eyes, I'm not gonna be changing my opinion."

Avriala began to twirl her lightsaber around and around as Velox broke off his attack as he spoke to Varik. She took the opporunity to speak.

"Listen to me. I've seen what this thing can do. Darth Sevaris is dead. Whatever this force is managed to take over his mind on Balmorra. When he managed to fight it off for a brief instant he begged for death. If a member of the Dark Council couldn't stand against this thing, what chance would you have against it by yourself?"

"And look at the Rakghouls! They're organized! They're fighting with tactics! Thats whatever this force's affect is on them."

"He joins, and I will hunt down your friend Per'dra. Don't think for a second that I won't kill her. I felt her anger, Avriela. I can play her with absolute ease."

She didn't take her eyes off Velox for a moment. "If you ever touch Per'dra Velox, if you harm her...I'll turn this around and hunt you across the galaxy. No planet you go to will be safe."

"Very well, if you'd like to face a true warrior, then look no further.",

Avriela looked over at Varik and shook her head. "I really don't know what to do here." As she returned her gaze to Velox. "Varik. If you let your guard down...even for an instance. He will kill you without hesitation. I've seen the kind of strength he has."

Ruined City

"You possess people like they're only empty vessels to be filled, but we'll put an end to that."

Voleran smiled an empty smile as his voice seemed to change for just a moment. "I am the one who posses them. There is really nothing left of Voleran anymore. Only his body remains."

Voleran shook his head and looked up as Per'dra came down on him. He was about to move when the Force push pinned him for a moment. He extended his hands and a massive force push back up at Per'dra that sent her flying. Voleran...or what was left of him prepared to hit her with a powerful burst of lightning.

"No!" Zarev roared as he got back to his feet and ran at Voleran. Voleran tried to bring his lightsaber around but Zarev was moving to fast as the jedi slammed into him and knocked him off balance for a moment even as Voleran unleashed the stream of lightning meant for Per'dra at Zarev.

The lightning enveloped him easily and his body began to shake violently as spasms ran through his body.
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