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Velox tilted his head to the side as Avriela spoke. Darth Sevaris was dead? The only problem Velox was having was remembering just who exactly that was. He pondered for a moment, soon matching the name to a face. To be perfectly honest, he wasn't phased by this news. A sith mourning the death of another was fairly unheard of. He only recalled being informed of the death moments before heading to retrieve the former jedi. They could have easily killed Sevaris in an attempt to trick him.

It was the Rakghouls that had more worth in her argument. He had observed the creatures fighting the group and had noticed their odd behavior. They were still stupid beasts, but they had fought much better than one of them usually would have. What brought him back from his train of thought was her threat towards him. The threat caused him to chuckle, but made him shiver slightly.

"You know what? I believe you would, and then you'd give me a real good fight," Velox answered.

His answer seemed to show he was stubborn as he arrogantly welcomed her threat. Velox wasn't a stupid man though, Avriela had to have known that if she was taking this much time to speak to him rather than fight him. The truth of the matter was that Velox was actually processing the information as he stood there. Even if they had killed Servaris, they couldn't have known he would be here. So why would they plan to trick him, when they hadn't expected him? Her theory was...plausible. He glanced towards the man known as Varik, taking note of how he had deactivated his blades. He looked back towards Avriela as she spoke about him and what he could do. His first response would be the deactivation of his lightsaber.

"Come, let's go see this mystery warrior of yours then" Velox said. He looked towards Varik once more. Without a fear of her blade, Velox walked towards her. "Don't be so quick to judge...I figured you of all people would know that," he whispered. "You lead, I'll follow. If you fear a stab in the back...don't. I'm much more interested in seeing just what this force can do."
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