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Light nodded as Varik broke off from the group. He and the others were headed towards a potentially more dangerous fight, because, although the Sith was an unknown, he was but one person. Not this expanse of power that controlled the Rakghouls.

Light felt calm, despite the fact that he noted a few of the Rakghouls moving towards this conflict up ahead. It seemed like Voleran must still be confident, as Light didn't see a massive number of the 'ghouls approaching. After all, if he felt threatened, he could undoubtedly call them to himself for defense.

As they kept running, Light pondered this and determined that Voleran, or the mastermind was a true believer in his power, likely appointing himself and others as "chosen". Meaning, there was no way to reason with him.

The lightning began flashing ahead, revealing their destination, and Light started to speak up. "Anything that he says will be an attempt to pry at you. Don't let him play with you. Like any cult, this... being, needs followers." He looked in to the eyes of Corsail and then the eyes of Vlalkor. "Remember this before you try to empathize or reason with him, or we may well lose you to his... control."

They were nearly there, and if he had spoken these words in the presence of this "Voleran", then, Light thought, that he could find a way to twist his words.

His focus became getting to this fight before it was decided, "We need to get there quickly. Keep up with me."

Light began running even faster than before, and building speed. He would be the first to arrive at the battle, but he wanted to make sure they were close enough to support him... in case the others didn't last long enough for help to arrive.
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