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Voleran roared in pain as Per'dra landed on his back. He shook his back rapidly and unleashed a massive wave of force energy that sent Per'dra flying off his back.

He walked past the still spasming Zarev and gripped Per'dra in an incredibly powerful force grip. He began to crush her throat using the force and Voleran spoke again. But his voice again.

"You two are too great of a threat to let live. All of you. I can sense the other members of your group approaching. I had honestly considered using your bodies to become my vessels but you are simply too much trouble."

He continued crushing her throat but didn't notice as Zarev staggered back to his feet and reignited his lightsaber.

"It's time to end this." He whispered painfully as his body was wracked by small volts of electricity. He brought his lightsaber back and drove it forward through Voleran's stomach.

The former Master's eyes went wide as he lost his grip on Per'dra and she dropped to the floor even as he looked down at the lightsaber protuding from his stomach.

You have failed me Voleran. But you can still be of use. Your body will continue to fight even if your spirit cannot.

A dark shadow appeared from the ground and it shot into Voleran's body. The former Jedi Master screamed as he grabbed his head in his hands. The Master looked up at them and shook his head as what was left of him took control for just a moment.

"Voss. Go to Voss."

The eyes of the Master flashed once for a moment before they turned totally black. Zarev's lightsaber deactivated as what was now posessing Voleran waved his hand.

"You should have just died." He said as he moved impossibly fast and sent the lightsaber flying away the battlezone even as he reignited his lightsaber and slammed shoulder first into Zarev's ribs. Zarev was sent flying backwards and Voleran turned to Per'dra.

"Child. You will die next."

"You lead, I'll follow. If you fear a stab in the back...don't. I'm much more interested in seeing just what this force can do."

"I doubt you'll think the same way after seeing what this can do." Avriala replied as she took off towards the battlefield as quickly as she could. After a few minutes of running she arrived at the battlezone and saw that Voleran was fighting with Per'dra and Zarev.
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