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Velox launched himself forward at incredible speeds, keeping up with Avriela with a good amount of ease. The temporary alliance would obviously go well between the two sith...well sith and former sith. Still, he wondered if she was expecting him to cut them all down in the blink of an eye. The jedi that was currently with them seemed to understand him better than she did. He had actually deactivated his blades and would have allowed the fight to continue. Perhaps he wouldn't have to worry about this group once this mystery was solved after all.

He soon arrived on the scene as Avriela did, watching the events of a battle unfold in front of him. He watched as a jedi plunged his lightsaber into... Former Jedi Master Voleran's stomach. The man he was supposed to bring back was now currently suffering a very fatal wound. Velox stepped forward, ready to intervene in the fight. What stopped him was the sudden tingling sensation he got. He felt something powerful through the force, looking around for the source.

The sudden screaming of Voleran caught the sith off guard. Something was definitely off in this situation, so much so that he couldn't even pretend it was all a clever act. What really threw the whole thing together was the change in his eyes...or the lack of his eyes now. They were a pure ebony black and made for a very eerie look. Even the man's voice was off as he spoke. He glanced to Avriela for a few seconds, taking all this information in.

Without another moment of hesitation he leaped into the fray. He did this for two reasons. The first was the obvious one of wanting to look good for the group. By helping them now at least he wouldn't have to worry about all of them. The second was the excitement of a good fight. Whatever this thing was had some serious power. He activated a lightsaber and looked to Per'dra now.

"Miss me?" he asked, chuckling lightly before looking towards "Valoran". "Sorry pal, but I've got dibs on that already. Looks like you'll have to fight me too, but don't be scared in fact you should be honored to fight someone like me."
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