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Originally Posted by GreyHoji View Post
Hi there, just registered to say what amazing work is going on in this thread guys. I hope to get some canvasses printed soon.

Quick question... page 20 there is this pic...

5th canvas along, TOMI poster.

Is that copy part of this thread anywhere? I've had a look through but cant see it? Would love to have the full MI collection, but TOMI only seemed to have the 'mock film poster' on Adventure-Treff.
I just looked through my game folders and I couldn't find one. So I busted out my Special Edition DVD from TellTale and although its the cardboard cover to the DVD with that poster, it doesn't seem to come with a digital version of it on the DVD.

Unless someone else knows better, I'd say we'd have to ask TellTale if they'd release it, or else everyone would have to just scan in their own DVD cover for themselves.

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