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"Blast it!" Corsail shouted as another rakghoul ripped from the piped ceiling he was under and leaped toward him. He and Vlalkor had lured the army of rakghouls away from the others, but had been pushed into to a very bad hold out spot. Hords of rakghouls were coming from every angle ripping their way through the small building. Vlalkor was at the right side of the building, Corsail was guarding the left.

Corsail turned with lightning reflexes and fired at the rakghoul from above, sending it flying to the floor. The amount of rakghoul bodies lying around, and inside the building was getting ridiculous. Another rakghould who had been hiding under a piece of debris near the building took this moment of distraction to attack. Corsail barely managed to jump out of the way of the attack. Hitting the hard floor of the building he rolled to the right and leaped up, firing toward the rakghoul as he did. As the rakghouls's body hit the floor Corsail looked back toward the entrance, seeing a dozen more rakghouls inches away from the entrance, he also heard more on the roof.

He fired a spray of blaster bolts towards the entrance and stepped back as the ceiling above him collapsed. Another five rakghouls jumped through from above and charged towards Corsail, forcing him to keep moving back. He kept firing but more and more rakghouls poured through, making it impossible to hold any ground. "Vlalkor, I've lost this side!" He shouted, trying to be heard over the screams of rakghouls.

Lets rock and role play!
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