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Originally Posted by Darth Reptinus View Post
In the README file contained in the download he is credited with the creation of the bass, and I describe the editions to the texture. His read me file only asks that he is given credit for what he started. No permission needed when it is granted on download and he is given credit for his work.

"HK-47 skin was modded from a skin created in 09 by Drewton, but I upped the resolution, changed a great deal of detail, color and added a .txi file to it that makes his eyes glow, skin appear dented and metallic and created parts that his didn't include such as Portrait and .gui inteface but I feel it is cool to say hey this isn't all mine here it is a kicked up mod of that reskin with alot of my own details added!"
Directly quoted from the readme file included...
That isn't the issue he's referring to, Darth Reptinus.

Unless Drewton's read-me says something along the lines of:

"Feel free to modify these any way you wish, just give me credit"

Then you can't release it without permission from the original creator. That's one of the fallacies of modifying someone's work if they've left the community...

EDIT: Unfortunately, if this was your source, it doesn't say either way about permission or re-using it...

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