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Okay, folks. Calm down here. If you've got a problem with something somebody posts, or if you think they've broken the rules, report it and leave it alone.

New people make mistakes sometimes. Almost everybody here jumped to the conclusion that Darth Reptinus had no permission to do this, yet nobody gave him an opportunity to produce such proof. After seeing the report, I gave him a polite message about it. I'd normally give 3-4 days for a reply, and then make a decision. Instead, it's basically a lynch mob.

I want it stopped. There are Moderators and Administrators for a reason. Let us do what we're here to do.

It looks like we have driven off a good potential modder, basically because he is new and maybe doesn't understand everything about the community. Don't do it again.

If you want to discuss, PM me. Thread closed.

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