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I wasn't planning on hurting him.

Light thought this but kept it to himself. "Okay, Avriela, you can take care of Per'dra. Get her up and moving, failing that, we might have to carry her back. I didn't see her get up at all in the fight, so I doubt she is in very good condition. Zarev has been inactive since hitting that wall, so, I'll go collect him."

"Varik, I need you to keep this guy moving, make sure he doesn't try anything funny. Once we are back to the ship, with the wounded, we can worry about finding Corsail and Vlalkor, if they don't happen to find us en route." Light left the Sith to Varik, and moved over to Zarev. He retrieved his own lightsaber, and placed both of them in his belt.

First, he attempted to wake Zarev up, but he seemed pretty beat up. Should I just throw him over my shoulder and try to carry him all the way back?
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