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Velox looked down at the ground. This moment of weakness was not something he enjoyed in the slightest. He was completely helpless, at the mercy of the jedi. Maybe he could fight? It was highly doubtful he could take any of them on at this state. Maybe Per'dra and the other jedi, but that was only due to them being in bad states as well. He felt a force get him to his feet, making him tilt his head as another jedi looked to him. He simply chuckled when the jedi asked if he needed to be carried. His ribs hurt, as well as his face but he wasn't about to let someone carry him. He was a powerful sith warrior, not a small child any longer...

Why help him? This was their chance to eliminate him as well, yet no one seemed to show signs of attacking. He could certainly sense some uncertainty, but no desire to make the first move. Even if he wanted to make the first move, he wouldn't last a minute. His gaze turned to Avriela, certainly not used to being defended either.

"How sweet," he replied, followed by a small chuckle as it caused him pain to laugh.

Not being accustomed to such odd treatment as this, the response itself was simply a defense mechanism. The thoughts of saying Thank You might have crossed his mind, but he honestly didn't know how to say them. Being so kind wasn't exactly something he was known for. He showed honor to jedi, but certainly not sheer kindness.

"I don't need an escort, I can walk just fine" Velox said.

He wasn't about to let anyone help him, even if Varik was a much preferred jedi here. He certainly seemed better, but he didn't know any of them very well. He'd rather just go back to his ship, but sadly his was quite far away. Maybe their ship was closer and he could get some sort of treatment. After that he wasn't sure what they'd do. Would they just let him walk away? Would they take him captive? For now it was best to play by their rules for now. He didn't want to do anything drastic. He started to walk towards Avriela, the mask hiding any pain he was physically showing. Once he got close enough to the former sith he held out both of his lightsabers to her.

"I'm sure one of you was going to ask me to remove them anyway," he said.
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