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Do you want it good or do you want it fast?

Thatís the quote I often cited whenever I thought of the people waiting for the completion of this story over the years. For those patient individuals in the former category, I promise it was worth the wait. For everyone in the latter, I offer the proverb that art cannot be rushed, and hope that they agree. In any case, the day has finally arrived!

But first, letís have a round of applause to Laserschwert and Norman Eschenfelder for their excellent work in adapting the novel for digital distribution. They went above and beyond the call of duty in helping to bring Fate of Atlantis to the world, along with Krede, whose incredible artwork really took my writing to the next level. I am proud to count each of them a friend as well as a collaborator, and they deserve an equal share of the praise for the story that youíre about to read.

And now, on with the show!

ePub file
azw3 file
mobi file
PDF file

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