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Here's a little bonus material, just for fun!

Synchronicity, according to Rob & Trish MacGregor in The 7 Secrets of Synchronicity, is the coming together of inner and outer events in a way that is meaningful to the observer and which can’t be explained by cause and effect. Or: meaningful coincidence. The term was coined by Swiss psychologist Carl Jung, who first wrote about it in 1949, in his introduction to Richard Wilhelm’s edition of the I Ching. It’s a fascinating phenomenon that can provide guidance, confirmation, warning, and infuses life with a sense of wonder and mystery. It can offer a glimpse into your future, and cause you to feel you’re on the right track, in the groove, exactly where you’re supposed to be.

Here are several astonishing synchros that prodded me along the path to this novel.

June 15, 2009: The day of inspiration. I’d stayed up late the previous night playing Fate of Atlantis for the first time in years, revisiting my favorite game and enjoying every minute of it. Early in the morning I was at work, going about my job, pleasantly reminiscing about the game and looking forward to playing it again that night, when out of the blue the first line of text flashed through my head. I quickly jotted it down with shaking hands. Adrenaline shot through me as I suddenly realized that I had to write a novelization of the game. My mind was on fire as I began to furiously scribble notes, scarcely faster than the ideas poured out of me. The rest of the day flew by as a blur of increasing zeal for the new project, and I was a mass of nerves by the time 5’oclock rolled around. I was practically bursting with creative energy. I HAD to get home and start writing!

I raced home to my apartment, grabbed my laptop computer and headed over to my parents’ house for Wi-Fi access (which I didn’t have at home). When I arrived, I dashed up the path, opened the front door in astonishment to see the word ATLANTIS splayed across the large 56-inch TV screen in the living room, superimposed over a glittering sea of aqua blue water. It was a commercial for the Atlantis resort in the Bahamas! I laughed with delight. It was a sign from the universe, confirming that I was meant to write the Fate of Atlantis novelization. I set to work immediately on my creative odyssey, and haven’t looked back until now.

July 20 – a month later. All day long I was intensely focused on chapter 15, where Indy and Sophia arrive on Crete. The chapter was still many months away, but I was working ahead in anticipation since Crete is my favorite part of the game. I was playing scenarios in my head, obsessing over the details of the locale, and jotting down ideas that would form the narrative. Creatively, my mind was on fire again. I couldn’t wait to start working on the chapter. Arriving at my next delivery (I’m a courier by profession), I pull into the adjacent Home Depot parking lot. As I round a row of wooden sheds, I see a diesel trailer occupying the row of empty spaces where I usually park. I laughed with amazement at the words: CRETE SHIPPING printed in bold red letters across the side of the trailer, amazed at the universe’s sense of humor. Clearly another good omen for the novel.

August 2010: I went to the DMV to apply for a vanity tag for my new (used) car, a MK4 Volkswagen Golf. What better word than ‘Atlantis’ to commemorate my all-time favorite Indy game and the novel that I was writing? I tried to get ATLNTIS or ATLNTS. Both were taken. The clerk recommended that I wait until my tag was actually due for renewal in January, otherwise I would have to pay the $90 fee all over again. So I returned on my birthday with a sure-fire spelling which I felt guaranteed to get: ATLANTS. Taken. Luckily, I’d prepared a list of Volkswagen-related ideas, and my first choice was available.

Skip to February 2011: It’s a rainy, dreary overcast Thursday morning, the kind of day where I just want to stay home and sleep. Except I had to work. When I arrived, my supervisor said: “What are you doing here? Aren’t you off today?” Confused, I replied, “Not unless someone changed the schedule and didn’t tell me.” I customarily work 8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday, and very seldom work on weekends, so I hardly ever look at the schedule. Sure enough: off Thursday, work Saturday. I said bye and gratefully headed back to my car, eager to get home and crawl back into bed again. As I’m driving down the street, there’s a burgundy minivan about 20 feet ahead of me. Approaching the traffic light, I get closer to the van. When I pull up to stop behind it, I was astonished to see that it has a vanity plate that reads: ATLNTIS.

What are the odds that, in the ENTIRE state, I see the exact vanity tag that I tried in vain to secure last year? The odds that the person driving that vehicle lives in my city? Positively astronomical. And I never would have seen the plate if I’d been at home asleep like I should have been on my day off. It was yet another friendly nudge from the cosmos, telling me that I was on the right path.

March 2012: I was browsing for Atlantis books when my search results brought up Mystic Places, the first volume in the Time-Life Mysteries of the Unknown series, published in the late 80’s. I remembered the TV commercials for the series as a kid, and how badly I wanted to order the set (my parents refused to buy it for me). So I ordered a mint-condition copy and then surfed over to YouTube to see if the vintage commercial was available. Naturally it was, and as I watched it for the first time since 1988, I was amazed to see that it opened with a very familiar redhead: a 20-something Julianne Moore – my very own Sophia Hapgood!

I watched the TV spot several times, and it synched up with my childhood memory quite well, since I did recall the pretty redhead. Of course I had no idea who she was back then because Julianne wasn’t famous, and I’d never seen her until The Fugitive in 1993, opposite Harrison Ford (Indy!). But here’s where it gets really interesting. A couple weeks after receiving the book from Amazon, I happened to pull out my old Fate of Atlantis game manual. At the very end of the booklet is a short list of books recommended for further reading. Mystic Places was right in the middle of it! A few days later, I was re-reading the Wikipedia article on the game, where I was astonished to find that Mystic Places was the very book which inspired Hal Barwood on the subject of Indy’s Atlantean quest. Indeed, the very first chapter in the book covers the story of Atlantis.

But the Julianne Moore connection is the kicker: I first pictured Julianne for the character of Sophia back in 1998 (, a full decade after I’d first seen the Time-Life commercial, but a decade before writing the story. There was virtually NO WAY that I could have consciously made that connection!

June 14, 2013: Fate of Atlantis was dominant in my thoughts as I drove to work, anticipating the debut of my first novel. I ruminated on how the project started almost exactly 4 years earlier, the support and enthusiasm of the Indy fans who eagerly awaited each new chapter posted online, and those who patiently held out, preferring to enjoy the completed story as intended. Arriving at work, I happened to glance at my car's odometer for no apparent reason, only to see that the mileage read: 90039. It was nearly a mirror of the year that Fate of Atlantis occurs in: 1939!

And that’s the magic of synchronicity. You don’t look for it; It will find you!

UPDATE: Another synchronicity. I just visited Wikipedia and today's featured article is the animated film Atlantis: The Lost Empire!

Sophia Hapgood does my bidding.

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