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Originally Posted by supreme kotor View Post
Modders you may be intrested in this everyone else carry on with your life:

I thought I would update you guys from a modding perspective as I have been playing with this and extracting some of the files I will go through by folder:

Data: this folder contains all the .2da files on kotor tool. On the ipad they are saved as .bzf I do not know of any ipad application that can open this file format. Contains everything we would normally find in bifs in KotorTool.

Lips: same thing as on PC. All the files are .mod cannot be opened on ipad.

Modules: same thing as on PC. Can be opened and edited with a hex editor ipad contains a native hex editor. Either use the command counsel or ifile to edit them.

Movies: same as PC ipad cannot natively open .bik files. Good luck with that.

Override: contains all of the menu .tga's also contains all of the .gui files. Ipad can natively open .tga simply use ifile or command counsel

Rims: exact same as PC. Can be opened with iPads native hex editor. Good luck making any sense of it though. I'm not 100% sure on this file. I cannot find a way to open it except SQ_lite3 says its encrypted and if it was decrypted it could be opened.

Stream music, stream sounds, stream waves: all the exact same as PC except ipad can't natively play .wav dap good luck with that one.

Texture packs: can be opened with image viewer except it will crash the file system you are using as at attempts to render every single .tga at the same time.

At the end there is MANY .frag and .vert files they may be useful to someone I don't even know what they are. I cannot find a way to open them.

From my point of view there is nothing special here for modders it is a very fun game and I have got a chance to play it on the Ipad and I would say its well worth it.

IMPORTANT FOR RESKINS: reskins DO work but the iPads native unzipper currupts .tga files while unzipping them. You must download a reskin not in a .Zip or transfer it from your computer to get it to work.
Not sure if this has been suggested before, but those files can be opened on a computer, i.e. using "iFunbox"; it pretty much makes the ipad a normal mounted hdd. If the files are really just the same as PC's, then modding should be relatively simple(r) since you can open, edit and save them exactly as it was with PC KoTOR. Save files seems to be fully transferable. I no longer have the old KoTOR on my PC so I can't really check that ):

Kotor is under //private/var/mobile/Applications/, with my folder starting with 6926D(I'm not sure if this is the same for everyone).

Have a go at it, guys, I'm really looking forward to some good mods for iKoTOR. Especially graphics and swoop/space controls
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