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Originally Posted by Firedrops View Post
Not sure if this has been suggested before, but those files can be opened on a computer, i.e. using "iFunbox"; it pretty much makes the ipad a normal mounted hdd. If the files are really just the same as PC's, then modding should be relatively simple(r) since you can open, edit and save them exactly as it was with PC KoTOR. Save files seems to be fully transferable. I no longer have the old KoTOR on my PC so I can't really check that ):

Kotor is under //private/var/mobile/Applications/, with my folder starting with 6926D(I'm not sure if this is the same for everyone).

Have a go at it, guys, I'm really looking forward to some good mods for iKoTOR. Especially graphics and swoop/space controls
Thanks you for the tip. I actually have been using ifunbox and ifile but without the cheat counsoul I have encountered many issues although I have a theoretical work around. Muahahha.

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