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I figured out the texture animations...

"proceduretype cycle
defaultwidth 128
defaultheight 128
numx 2
numy 2
fps 128"

Plus what ever base .txi comand for enviroment, attempting as we speak to animate the glowing part in his chest so it will "pulse" problem I am having is the entire texture is now "pulsing" making hk there look like a film running not ver smoothly, wish gimp had a automosaic for animated textures, the alignmen is odd, open a 512x512 on a 1024 line every pixle up exactly with edges of the canvas and with eachothers egdes and gimp registers it as a 1024x1022? Rescale to fit canvas and damned thing looks liek a film strip... trial and error I guess, still pretty new at moding KoToR? I will figure it out, lol I made like 30k textures with animations via script for secondlife so lol we will see...

EDIT: FAIL! LOL as soon as I posted it, looked at the script in the .txi I realised I was using params for a saber texture 128, lol edited it to 1024 same as image layer and BLAME! his heart now beats, with very little but still noticeable chop to to the rest may just call it acceptable? already been playing with it for 2 hours and I got to get to work lol. Also you will need a "Multiframe Texture" like a movie strip to run on the texture...

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