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((I know I am bad but hey I do have a job and it is school admin at university level. Sue me. But I am here now))


"I can't take what I'm feeling out on Jedi Alriana, but I think you qualify as something I can take my anger out on."

Tyrannus looked smugly at Xandros. Apparently there were things that he knew that others didn't. This was going to be fun. "Oh so much anger. I wonder why you should be protecting the Jedi since that is your calling Shinigami?" He twirled his lightsaber. "Feel free to attack when you want. The one I have business with has just arrived." He shot a look at Alriana.

Release the kid, or I will shoot you.

Tyrannus turned to look at the gun wielding trooper and raised his brow. "You are welcome to try though I can say that you might end up killing what you didn't intend to kill before you even fire."


What do we do?

Jun-la looked at Alriana. She knew that the Jedi wouldn't risk the well being of a child. She also knew that this Sith shouldn't be allowed to live. He had caused grief to many and particularly her family.She could sense Tavaryn coming and knew what would happen. She whispered, "I think it is out of our hands. He has no need for the child. He wants someone close to my father... He wants Tavaryn."


Tavaryn raced through the station. He felt his suit's boots clunk on the walk. He tapped the helmet, "Tara, are you in?"

Working on it Lieutenant. The Station's systems are complex. The defenses are down but...

"I get it. I need you to have control of them by the time I really need it. We will need a plan for getting out." Tavaryn paused to look down the halls. "I have one... sort of for getting in."

I highly doubt dressing as a stormtrooper will help you.

"Very funny. I knew I shouldn't have told you that story," Tavaryn muttered as he studied the map available on his HUD. He made sure he was on the right trail.

Xandros knows.And Tyrannus is using the child as a shield.

Tavaryn paused when he heard that. He knew that there was explaining to do all around but he wasn't going to worry about that. Right now all that mattered was the child. He sent back, Explanations for later moi chroi. Right now, don't do anything rash... He is after me.

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