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"Corsail! Look sharp. Small group of Rakghouls coming in from the left!"

Corsail saw them and started shooting their way as he continued running towards the ship.

"We're close to the Shan now. If we can get past this last group we should be able to reach the ship!"

"Then let's take them down!" Corsail rolled into cover and took aim. As Vlalkor ran ahead, the rakghouls charged towards him. One by one, he dropped the rakghouls before they could reach the trooper. Maybe these one's weren't under Voleran's influence? They don't appear to be as smart as the ones we fought earlier. He thought to himself.

"All clear! At least for the moment anyway." He said, as he got up from the small crate he was crouched behind. When he reached the ship, Vlalkor was bringing down the boarding ramp. Corsail took a moment to finally catch his breath. When the ramp was open, Vlalkor and Corsail entered the Shan. "Let's hope others managed to take down Voleran."

Lets rock and role play!
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