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Post What's CRACKIN'? No seriously what is "crackin'"?

Word, always wondered what the hell that meant... Anyway, I am Apoc. Fresh out of art and design school, and have 2 weeks off of work while they fix the owners F**K ^ after he decided to fry my kitchen into banta foder. So GUESS WHAT? Imma learn how to mod this game lol. I have been reading tuts for about 2 days and I am seeing that a reskin job looks like the easiest type of mod? Sooooooo what head, item or npc should I reskin to see if I can? Let me know what you guys think.
Also I could use some friends here to maybe guide me in a solid direction, so hit up my profile and add me as a friend! AND MAY THE SWARTZ... or wait wrong movie lol, MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU!

"My apprentice pushed me down a 362 meter shaft directly into the heart of the death star..." Darth Sidious's response as to why he left politics...
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