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Originally Posted by supreme kotor View Post
*Clears throat*

Ahem, if I may Darth Reptinus;

You do bring up a few valid points, that I will admit. So I will try to tackle them as I see them although you didn't organize your post very will which just shows your lack of forum decorum.

1.In regards to the posts and it being hard to find what you are looking for there is multiple different ways without even going past the first page. Some of these solutions include but are not limited too;
1a. There is a built in search so you may find the awnser you require
1b. Go to google and type in "Your topic here"(no parenthesis)-this is how I get most of my awnsers.
1c. Make a new thread there is LOTS of modders willing to help.

2. Underwear to match skin tones is a very specific request and I am not supprissed they're is no tutorial there. You have no valid point there.

3. The three tutorials to make the heads work all cover different parts that can be used for more than just to get heads to work. And even if they were all just for heads then oh well that's what it takes. No one is forcing you to create mods.

4. Links that are dead is something I experience even with some of the new games I mod. Simply use WayBackMachine to find a link to it. If I had tutorial privileges I would update them but unfortunately no one gets paid to take care of stuff like that.

5. As far as members not awnsering you that can be found at any forum. I find it best to message modders that have been around long enough to know what they're doing but also don't have something such as a total conversion on their plate.
Some good people I have found to message are: (I will remove your name if you would like)
1.Fallen Gaurdian
2.Fair strides 2
3.(Supprissingly with RoR and all) Logan23
4.Supreme Kotor (even if I don't know what I'm talking about )
5.Varsity Puppet
8.there are plenty of others I just want this all to fit on one post so sorry if I've left you out.

6. I am also part of Modio so I do know that community is a little different but they also outnumber us greatly and have far better tools than we do. You cannot compare the worlds nicest car to the worlds nicest bike and expect the car to win.

-Supreme Kotor
you can add me to your list

Originally Posted by Darth Reptinus View Post
I am new to this modding kotor stuff, just started trying today.
i suggest you give it a bit more time than that
There are literally only a handful of resources as far as tutorials go, they walk you through the basics of .2da editing, extracting files with kotor tool, etc. But there are a ton of things not shown or are buried in the 600,000+ posts, so it is like digging a needle out of a hay stack.
to be frank, you have a point.
it is somewhat difficult to find what you are looking for, especially when you have a precise subject. that was part of the reason i created czerka R&D
unfortunately not as many of the modders as i would have hoped have visited or have had the time to contribute to it, in the future i plan on adding an actual course, to introduce new modders to kotor modding and general work flow.
I have experience modding Xbox 360 games and profiles, re-flashing devices to do stuff they were not intended to do, a degree in graphic design, motion capture, rigging animation skeletons, creating sound samples, voice dialog, even hardware modding.
all of which have fortunately live communities, except for the skeletons, k bad joke, but i have to lighten the mood some how
and after about a week of attempting to create new content I am already frustrated to the point I feel it is simply pointless to continue trying.
the point is, blankly, we need modders. the community is dying, sadly, surely and slowly the only way to prolong its life is to have new modders. frustration can be a powerful motivation if you let it, i have been frustrated not getting things to work and trying to figure out why they work the way they do, this actually led to a few discoveries, small but still.
you can get through it. especially with all that you have done
I see no tuts on key elements of character creation, such as re-skinning the body model underwear in order to match skin tones without overriding all of them, yet I know it can be done and I am afraid that it takes more than adding "01" to the end of the texture name.
you can always ask but do you mean light to dark tones or skin and head matching, im pretty sure the values you seek are in appearance 2da.

Yet there are 3 tuts on how to edit the 2da to make the reskinned head work and no one bothered to ever continue this in ten years?
there is more than one way to skin a cat, and the different techniques can also be applied to skinning wookies (LOL another lame joke from Darth Sapiens, when well he stop?)
Second, when you directly ask people for help here they tend to just ignore you
it may seem that way, and i have experienced this myself, but depending who it is, there are perfectly valid reasons for this, some people rarely come around, have too many pm's, have no time, or didn't notice, and of course everyone lives who doesn't have to deal with life ?
and the other sites on the web such as deadlystream (which I am also a member of have ALL THE SAME MEMBERS!) so that isn't help either,
you have never posted on deadlystream, as a moderator there i also no you haven't even validated your account, you actually have to ask for help before you say no one will help, some members are the same but we spend more time on either forum, i spend more time there than i do here for example.
and even with the tuts most of the links for the tools to do these things with are dead, or point to storage sites that no longer exsist!
if you need something ask around, lots of stuff can be found elsewhere, not everyone has the ability to edit other people's posts, and i doubt the mods have time to go through every post to update the link, as supremekotor said, wayback is the way to go for dead tuts.
Lastly being a member of the Modio XBOX mod project, I have over 200 mods posted that were made for games that are cross platform such as mass effect series, fallout 3, new vegas, Dragon Age, Skyrim, and TES4: Oblivion, and from day one people were helpful.
i haven't been part of those communities, but most of them have official tools, and are newer games. Admittedly kotor is a tougher community, from what i have heard in both rules and actuall modding practice.(i have only ever been a part of the kotor modding community)
Now I know that most of you have been members of this forum for more than 4 years, so you have the skills and knowledge to share, yet most of you choose to click up, ignore peoples requests and don't bother to keep this supposed "community" educated, welcoming or even fun. I urge you to do what you can to help the newbies fledge there skills...
i cant speek for the others on this. when i get the chance i help, i educate, but i don't always have the time or resources to do so.
I give up due to the lack of respect this alleged "community" has for new members with less knowledge of the tools than they do, and do to moderation that doesn't take the time to post the tutorials to teach new people how to create the things to keep such a great game alive.
It is a utter shame that no one attempts to help, to teach or to generally try around here.
there aren't too many moderators here or on deadlystream, and not all of the modders are moderators either. there haven't been as many tutorials lately either, but that doesnt meean there won't be more, i plan on updating czerka r&d after seeing this, what is a shame is that you have given up, you can email/pm me any time if you change your mind. i myself haven't been around long (not quite a year) but, before i joined this community i would never have thought i could ever do what i can now.

stick around dude
we might at times seem cold, but really we are cool when you get to know us. (some of us might even be hot, XD i had to go and end with another stupid pun)

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