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Other modders that are Helpful:
-Quanon: knows a lot about models/skins and particularly good in the mapping area
-jonathan7: skins
-chainz.2da: models/skins...
-newbiemodder: area modding, scripts, dialogue...
-Dak Drexl: skins and models
-Hassat Hunter: everything TSL RCM related, knows about scripts...
-Sithspecter: animations, area modding, skins/models
-ZimmMaster: I know he worked on animations, skins...
-DarthInSidious, Marius Fett, GeorgNihilus, Darth Parametric, JCCarter426, Ferc Kast, Dark_Ansem (I don't recall exactly what their expertise is...)
-Hunters Run (I follow his work with interest)
-Stoffe has been known to pop in sometimes. Answered one of my questions sometime ago.
-Darth Stoney and zbyl(2) can help you with pretty much anything...
-90SK: skins!
-VuIt (can't spell your name for some reason lol): skin god
-XarwarZ makes some pretty good reskins planet by planet
-SimonKTemplar: models,
-Qui-Don Jorn: single handedly took on making a saber mod as big in scope as Ultimate Saber Mod.
-Drewton: Very good skinner that unfortunately is not as present as before. His work is impressive and inspiring.
-Zhaboka: not sure if I should mention him in a modder list, but still, he is THE reference for voice acting.
-Rtas Vadum: skins
-RedRob41: skins, models...
-Triggergod: effect skins and more
-Ӄhrizby: reference for animations

That's just a few of them! Dig around in the Holowan Laboratories forum and you'll find ton of good projects. Some dead, and some still alive. It is worth the time

@supremekotor: I tried not to include those that would not be able to answer (I think) and sometimes, I added comment on whether they would or not be available.

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