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That sounds like my every day schedule. I've honestly haven't even noticed it's summer yet. And when I have had a day off, I've been too busy or felt too awful (or both...) to actually enjoy it at all.

My summer at work is about to get a whole lot busier... The woman who works as the other engineer with me is having her 3rd baby in a couple of weeks. Her husband also works as a manager in our department. She's out for at least 3 months starting next week, and he follows her for a month or so as soon as she gives birth.

The rest of us in the department will just have to make up the slack... except of course, for the couple of folks who pre-planned and scheduled their 2+ weeks vacations in July.

Which means for the busiest couple of summer work weeks at the end of July, our 8 manager department which would have been totally overworked even staffed at full strength during those couple of weeks, will have to make due less than half that number.

Guess who is one of the lucky ones left to take up the slack? And we are all on salary. No OT for us. Just a vague promise that we can take additional time off when it's not busy.

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