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Originally Posted by Rtas Vadum View Post
Why play the game after ten years? Well, the urge to mod the game aside, it's a fun game. Like every other, it has problems, but some of those are appreciated.

I do find it interesting that there are few 'old' games that invariably get a thread like this, even if the forum it's posted on should be enough to tell anyone why people still play the game. Still a worthwhile question, I think.
See the thing is that i could give a million reasons why this game is awesome.
I was six when this game came out for xbox and my dad bought it for me. And about 10 xbox copies later and now the digital version for pc I still love it and in my opinion this game is not just the best Star wars game ever, in my opinion
it is the best game period. And switching from xbox to pc is like going from awesome to no life n' it with mods.

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