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Originally Posted by Darth Avlectus View Post
I would play both if my machine wasn't the only thing I have and in such bad shape anymore.

Why? They have plots that aren't stifled, their renders in 3D are still pretty good for today's standards, it's one of the most well known games for modding and thus friendly to that end (with a top notch bunch in holowan), and an unforgettable cast of characters.
I haven't been to Holowan in years. I hear tell that while modders socialise there, you can faintly hear the howling of Fred Tetra's poltergeist and the screaming of a very frustrated Sithspecter. 3D Modelling software makes for an uneasy spirit I hear.

No but joking aside, I recently bought them both on Steam and the difficulty is just finding time to play them. I have 8 hours clocked on 1, but 8 minutes on The Sith Lords. One major thing about it is that I haven't found any widescreen fixes for TSL that are compatible with Steam's version.

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