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I think we should get the child back to the ship. After that, we come back and get rid of Tyrannus once and for all.

Jun-la gave a thoughtful nod. They should get out of there since this would only spell worse if things were left to fester. She muttered, "We should since this will probably be the worst since the fall of the old Republic." She gave a slight tug on Alriana's robes and started slowly maneuvering towards the exit.

Tavaryn held Tyrannus' gaze. He said, "What say you?"

Tyrannus pretended to think a moment. He noticed the two Jedi with the girl trying to leave. Better to make it so that they thought they were escaping and then slam the door shut. That always worked and was so much fun. He looked at the two Shinigami, mostly at Tavaryn and replied, "Now you propose an interesting solution. You are willing to stay behind since you know what this has always been about and yet every single one of your family before you has not made a self sacrifice like that. Why would that be?"

"Times change," Tavaryn replied. He got the signal and indicated with his implant to Tara what she was to do.

"Indeed they do which is why..." Tyrannus raised his hand to send lightning where it struck right in front of the retreating party, "I can't allow them to go. You see I've learned a lot about your family and a thing about interrogation. You are familiar with pressure points?"

Tavaryn stiffened slightly. Yes he would know that. When he didn't respond, Tyrannus taunted him with another lightning strike close to Alriana. His jaw twitched and he replied, "Alright! Alright. I get it. But you're going to have to go through me first."

Tavaryn didn't look at Alriana but he sent, As much as I would like it, I can't have you help. I agree he needs to die but first get you and the girl out. Be ready.

Out loud he said, "You're going to have to go through me." He boldly walked to place himself between Alriana and Tyrannus.

Tyrannus was laughing, "Always did have spine." He looked at Xandros and asked, "Tell me what is your motivation for being here when it is clear that you have animosity towards your brother Shinigami?"

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