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Korriban Tomb Discovery

I made an interesting discovery today. I was fiddling around with MindTwistah's Teleporter 2000 armbands and I learned that there were tombs cut from Korriban. Now, I already knew this, but I had thought that they removed the tombs themselves from the Korriban model. Turns out they didn't, except for one it seems.

Well, here's some screens. This is the one south from Ajunta Pall's Tomb:
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And this is the one south from Marka Ragnos's Tomb. (I was phased through a rock so there are some texture issues. I didn't have the patience to try to get a better shot.):
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Here is the one north of Tulak Hord's Tomb:
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And surprisingly, there isn't one north from Naga Sadow's Tomb. But if you look closely the rock where the tomb would have been is discolored (tannish-brown instead of reddish-brown). This is the one that was removed, it would seem:
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Also, here's a picture I took of the center statues. It makes a great screensaver:
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Now, you can all see where I'm going with this. I would like to know if there is a way I could add bridges that cut through the rock to the two southernmost tombs without having to remake the entire model. Of course, I'd need help with walkmesh and UV mapping. I already know what textures could be used for the bridges though.

If anyone could shed some more light on this then it'd be greatly appreciated. This area of modding isn't exactly my forté.

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