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Originally Posted by mimartin View Post
@Sabre - For Sabre eyes only (if you are not Sabre do not look at risk of being banned for life.
No milt birthday thread...shame, shame that is a orange mark against you. Whatever that means.
I spent all day yesterday hunting down Milt and Jeff's real identities, convinced they were the same person, because HOW CAN TWO PEOPLE HAVE BIRTHDAY ON SAME DAY

Happy Birthday, Militiades! And you too, Jeff! I'm feeling hungry at the moment, so I got a chicken sandwich for you both!

And then I ate it! Because I was the hungry one, you lucky bastards, not you two. I'm sure you two are rolling naked in a giant cake made of chicken sandwiches. Or sandwiched chickens. Or witches with sand in their chickens. If you know what I mean.

I will still find you. And make you confess.

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