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Not really. Feeling a bit better... but buried in work. Had John McLaughlin (of the Mahavishnu Orchestra) at work the other day. Then the top selling pop star diva out of Brazil. Both were kinda long days...

Still no car yet... but all this driving has made mom's car feel 1000 times better than the first day I drove it.

Put all my AC units in yesterday. At least now I can sleep at night, and not swelter all day... but the constant drone of machinery is annoying in it's own way.

I have a birthday this week. Looks like I'll be spending it at work on another long, pain in the butt show. Perfect.

As per usual, I'm not exactly looking forward to another b-day... but: I've been having a truly crappy month. And year, if I'm honest...
I'm hoping the birthday is kind of a karmic pivot point for me... that things afterwards will start to look up again.

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